Jewelry By Design

Have you always dreamed of creating your own custom piece of jewelry?  Perhaps you envision the perfect one of a kind statement necklace in 18K gold monogramed and set with your loved ones' birthstones.  Maybe you would like to commission a  unique engagement ring, or simply a variation on one of the pieces from our collection, for example converting a brooch to a statement pendant.   Our bespoke jewelry services provide the perfect opportunity to bring your jewelry dreams to life!

Our team includes a nationally recognized private jeweler and designer. He began his career at 15 years old, apprenticing under European-trained master craftsman and designers. By the age of 21, he founded his own jewelry firm, doing specialty and design work for some of the largest retailers in the US. Now, with over 40 years in the industry, he is truly an expert in the “conception to creation” of fine jewelry: The mark of the world’s jewelry masters. 

To begin the process, you will have the opportunity to meet our master jeweler over zoom or in person. Here you will discuss your vision including materials, colors and the look you have in mind. Photographs can also be helpful.  The next phase will give you an opportunity to review sketches and fine tune your design.  Seeing your design come to life is the most exciting part! 

To inquire simply let us know you are interested in designing a project and we will have our jeweler set up a meeting at your convenience.  Contact Us