Why is Estate and Antique Jewelry the Ultimate Treasure Hunt?

Finding the right piece of estate or antique jewelry can be serendipitous! A moment of discovery, when by chance you are lucky enough to find that piece that speaks to you for all the right reasons. There is a feeling you get wearing something beautiful, special and rare.

One-of-A-Kind Designs:

Estate and antique jewelry is unique, valuable and often rare. Jewelry created in previous centuries was not mass-produced or mass-distributed as it is today. Fine jewelry was often custom made.

Social Responsibility and Environmental Impacts:

Estate jewelry naturally has always been about as good as it gets when it comes to conserving rather than consuming resources. The ultimate in recycling. Also, you are not contributing to current unethical mining practices. You will feel great wearing beautiful and unique jewelry that was created so many years ago.

Superb Quality:

Fine quality and craftsmanship never go out of style. Passed down from generation to generation, antique and estate jewelry stands the test of time. This is a testament to the superior workmanship of the jeweler and the quality of the materials. When you buy antique and estate jewelry, you know as long as it is cared for, it will continue to hold value for years to come. The details in antique jewelry are exquisite and unique, unlike modern jewelry. You can see the love and care in each one of a kind piece.

Excellent Value and Investment:

When you buy antique and estate fine jewelry, you are often doing more than making a purchase, you are making an investment. Antique and estate jewelry holds value and usually the value will only increase with time. The materials used are naturally designed to last. In many cases pre-owned jewelry is a more affordable option as well.

If this Jewelry Could Talk:

A fantastic story and a soul is behind every piece of estate and antique jewelry! Imagine the prominent lady who wore the intricately designed diamond pendant, or the socialite with the sapphire earrings, the rich royal with the ruby ring? Was it worn to a grand affair? Was it a wedding present? The mystery can add to the excitement and drama of wearing the piece and allow you to continue the story.

When you purchase an estate piece from a reputable source, know that you are supporting a business that is extremely passionate about their work, reputation and customer satisfaction. At Tesori Belli every piece is meticulously inspected and authenticated by our team of fine jewelers.